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History of Pickle

Pickle production dates back to very old years. However, we do not have a document about when pickle production started. It is acceptable for people to pickle vinegar or salt after they have started to produce pickles.

Various methods have been developed to make vegetables and fruits resistant. The fermentation of foods is very complex and requires certain accumulation, and according to the findings, there are evidence that fermented products such as beer, wine and vinegar are produced up to 7000 years ago. There should be no reason why people who produce vinegar should not produce vinegar pickles.

Cucumbers are the leading vegetables used in pickle production in the world and in our country. In recent years, consumption habits of ready-to-eat foods spread all over the world have increased the consumption of pickled cucumbers. Pickled peppers and cabbage are followed by cucumber pickles. In recent years, various types of pickled pepper cabbage breeding varieties have been grown. In order to meet the increasing demand in hot pepper, the types of pepper with a lot of bitter substances have been developed and standard varieties have been provided.